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Meaning of Colors

Red- Love, Passion, Romance, Beauty, Courage, Respect, Congratulations

White- Purity, Innocence, Silence, Loyalty, Integrity, New beginnings,          Sympathy, Eternal love

Dark Pink- Appreciation, Gratitude

Light Pink- Admiration, Sympathy, Grace, Joy, Sweetness

Yellow- Joy, Delight, Friendship, Welcome back, New beginning, Get well

Orange- Fascination, Desire, Enthusiasm, Fun, Cheerfulness, Good luck, Thank you

Peach- Appreciation, Closing the Deal, Get together, Sincerity

Coral- Desire

Lavender/ Lilac- Love at First sight, Enchantment, Admiration, Elegance, Forgiveness


Yellow with red tip- Friendship, Falling in Love


Red & White- Unity, Abiding love, teamwork

Red & Yellow- Happiness & Excitement

Pink & White- Desire for harmony, Genuine sympathy

Pink & Lavender- Great admiration, Hope for the future

Lavender & White- Reconciliation, Let's do better, I'm sorry

Orange & Yellow- Fun friendship, Great partnership

Orange & Red- Good work, Congratulations, Thanks

Green & Yellow- Go for it, Make it happen, Future success

Mixed Bouquet- Abundance of feelings, So much to say